Parallel Worlds: Reflected Valletta

This project shaped out quite spontaneously, almost out of thin air, as I was walking aroud Valletta with the vintage manual camera loaded with black-and-white film, taking shots for my assignment. That month I was rediscovering photography, all thanks to David Pisani and Zvezdan Reljic, tutors of the Workshop F/1.4 (

Valletta, with all its eclectic character, is a paradise for photographers – each defines his/her own unique image of it. These pictures show the city in a different dimention – reflected in shop windows and puddles, overlapped with the crowd rushing through its narrow streets, merged with the crowd’s thoughts and dreams.

“Amore”. Love is complicated (Piazza Teatru Rjal) B&W film. Developed and hand-printed at Workshop F/1.4.
“Romance” (Corner of San Gwann Street and Strait Street) Developed and hand-printed at Workshop F/1.4
Escape ... from your past
“Escape … from your past” (Merchant’s Street). Developed and hand-printed at Workshop F/1.4
Dreams about a woman
“Dreams about a woman” (South Street). Negative scan
South Street Cafe
South Street Cafe. Negative scan
Style .. is shining
“Style .. is shining” (Corner of Strait Street and St. Lucia’s Street). Negative Scan
“Away” (Pjazza San Gorg). Negative scan
“Burlesque” (Republic Street). Negative scan
“Scream” (Republic Street). Negative scan
"Caught in mirrorland"
“Caught in mirrorland” (Merchant’s Street). Negative scan
Heaven´s grating
“Heaven´s grating” (Entrace of Upper Barrakka gardens). Negative scans

5 thoughts on “Parallel Worlds: Reflected Valletta

  1. I love reflections, reflective shots—and here you have some beauties; layers of depth and meanings coupled with people taken unawares whilst simply being people. I love it!

    B & W is an enhancement too—a powerful tool. Great post.

    1. Thanks for being such a dedicated follower, Argus. The ‘dark room’ was the best experience of the assignment. Developing films and printing – pure magic.

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