I’m a Russian immigrant who has been living in Malta since 2009.

This blog is not about me, nor it is about books I read, places I travel or food I like. It is a mixture of random thoughts and ideas that might be worth sharing. Many of those ideas are inspired by living in Malta.

Raisa Galea

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  1. I’ve just revisited your ‘knockers’ post — have you knobbled the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ facilities? Couldn’t find ’em (but cannot spare the time to search—Spouse is out therein the kitchen and I suspect needs a wee bit of assistance).


      1. I loved it~!

        I also very much loved your ‘festive postcards’ series, from the Soviet era.

        Perhaps try again, but with no more than five at a time? (The average overseas viewer these days is in a hurry) (my own posts are waaaay too long; I know but just can’t help myself).

        Your work is good. Please keep doing it …

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